Monday, May 21, 2012

The small pack with the big heart

In this post I wanted to share with you some of my impressions on one of my favorite packs, the Goruck GR1.

I`ve had my Goruck GR1 pack for 7 months now, and it`s easily my most used pack. Unlike my (ultra)lightweigt packs which only see the light of day every odd weekend.

This black beauty is sleek, inconspicous, tough as a nail, and also comfortable to carry. What more could you ask for?

Hardly lightweight by any standards, but, in my quiver of packs, this is the one that I could pass on to my children. And, I suspect this will be one of my final choices as well.

I also like the values of Goruck as a company, to build something that will last, to make a new classic.

There are plenty of other reviews out there on the web, singing its praise, so I will continue with a picture of the contents on a recent trip. It`s a mixture of bringing stuff back home to wash and electronics, and truth be told I did`t pay a lot of attention while packing.. But I`m suprised at how much I could fit in to those 26 liters.

It`s also a first attempt at using ThingLink. Now, let`s see, how do we do this thing?

/ odd


  1. I remember seeing your GR1 on our walk in the winter and being mightily impressed. Bomber. So we already have the same windshirt and rain jacket, maybe I need the pack too?! ;)

  2. yeah, we need to look the same on our westcoast mountain catwalk.. our mothers will soon not be able to tell us apart :)

  3. It does look rock solid and I'm not surprised with its military roots but $295?? Is it worth that? For it's size it does look like it holds a lot of kit. I'll put it on the "if I win the lottery" list. :-)

  4. if I measure it in $ / time spent actually using it, then yes, for me it`s worth it`s price. I have a lot of neat stuff in the basement that does not get used..

  5. Hi Odd,
    Can i ask how have you found the waterproofing on the OZO jackets main zip for being actually waterprooof.Do you find that rain running down the zip collects at the bottom and finds a way inside?I have an OMM Cypher Jacket, similar in design to the OZO but suffers from ingress when the zip gets overwhelmed in constant heavy rain.I like the bullet point indicators on the photo of your gear btw. Is it done with ThingLinked or something else?

  6. I actually have the Cypher Smock as well :) I like the cut better on the OMM, the Ozo is a bit more baggy on my lanky body. No big deal though. And I also prefer the Event fabric. I haven`t really noticed a big difference whether one zip or the other lets in more rain than the other. I guess I sweat a lot and if it is raining a lot, I get wet from either rain or sweat anyway...
    The bulleting is done in ThingLink. Works well :)