Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A bivi in Bergen

Bergen is experiencing a heatwave at the moment. It`s beyond fantastic :)
I therefore decided to go for a spur of the moment bivi, to the mountains nearby my city.
The plan was to bring as little as possible, and just go.

And I went.
And I enjoyed it immensely!

I was not away for 24 hours so I guess you could call it a 12`er :)

First proper backpacking trip with my new huckePACK. I think we will be good friends :)

Lots of people out this evening

Jetboil Ti in action

Ulriken by night

After a good nights sleep it was straight to work, take a shower, and start a new day in the city.
It won`t be the last time!

Not a lot of traffic up in the mountains at 7AM on a wednesday morning :)
The city of Bergen, ready for a new day

Monday, May 21, 2012

The small pack with the big heart

In this post I wanted to share with you some of my impressions on one of my favorite packs, the Goruck GR1.

I`ve had my Goruck GR1 pack for 7 months now, and it`s easily my most used pack. Unlike my (ultra)lightweigt packs which only see the light of day every odd weekend.

This black beauty is sleek, inconspicous, tough as a nail, and also comfortable to carry. What more could you ask for?

Hardly lightweight by any standards, but, in my quiver of packs, this is the one that I could pass on to my children. And, I suspect this will be one of my final choices as well.

I also like the values of Goruck as a company, to build something that will last, to make a new classic.

There are plenty of other reviews out there on the web, singing its praise, so I will continue with a picture of the contents on a recent trip. It`s a mixture of bringing stuff back home to wash and electronics, and truth be told I did`t pay a lot of attention while packing.. But I`m suprised at how much I could fit in to those 26 liters.

It`s also a first attempt at using ThingLink. Now, let`s see, how do we do this thing?

/ odd

Sunday, May 20, 2012

End of season

Yesterday was probably the last skitrip of the season. Because of our newborn there has not been a lot of skitrips at all this year. If my mind serves my right, I can count only 4 in total this season.. So, it was with a little trepidation I parked my car at Tjugen, ready for the 1823 altitude meters to the summit of Skåla. This is considered to be Norways longest uphill climb and every year in august, thousands of people gather to climb this summit, some faster than others... More information here

My two companions on this trip was one of my wife`s sister, and a friend of hers. Both very fit and excellent skiers.

I chose to bring only my Åsnes Combat Cap skies with 75 mm telemark bindings, and while they were great going uphill, I had to pay the price going downhill. Making telemarkturns in deep slush with such skinny skis is incredibly taxing. The two girls were on rando setups, and had the opposite expericence, they were crusing downhill and had a superduper time.

The weather this day was rather mixed, ranging from fog and mist and wind to eventually bright sunshine and no wind at all.

We had an early start and were the first up this day, and therefore could lay the first tracks going back down. Always a treat :) On our way down again, we could say hello to a lot of people. Many had taken the wise decision to go for a skitrip this saturday in May. I guess we met about 40 or 50 people in total.

Unfortunately I have no photos going downhill, as I was busy staying alive..

All in all, a great spring skitrip and I am already looking forward to next winter :)