Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A bivi in Bergen

Bergen is experiencing a heatwave at the moment. It`s beyond fantastic :)
I therefore decided to go for a spur of the moment bivi, to the mountains nearby my city.
The plan was to bring as little as possible, and just go.

And I went.
And I enjoyed it immensely!

I was not away for 24 hours so I guess you could call it a 12`er :)

First proper backpacking trip with my new huckePACK. I think we will be good friends :)

Lots of people out this evening

Jetboil Ti in action

Ulriken by night

After a good nights sleep it was straight to work, take a shower, and start a new day in the city.
It won`t be the last time!

Not a lot of traffic up in the mountains at 7AM on a wednesday morning :)
The city of Bergen, ready for a new day


  1. I like that we were probably only a few hundred metres away from each other at some time before 7am that morning! 

  2. breakfast together next time?  :)