Sunday, September 9, 2012

20/20 vision

Unfortunately I don`t have a 20/20 vision, but now at least I have a Panasonic 20mm lens that I hope will inspire my photographic vision and get the creative juices flowing.

The results so far from this lens are really great. This, however, should come as no surprise considering the abundance of positive reviews out there on the web.

I like the fact that it offers only one angle of view, making me stop, think and work harder to get the pictures I want.

And the shallow depth of field. Ah, how it brings back good memories from the nifty fifty I started out with many years ago.

My first outing with this lens was a few weeks ago, when I decided to take advantage of the nice weather and start my commute to work, the day, or rather evening, before.

I headed out the door at 9 pm, on foot, and got to experience a nice sunset. I tad too late for the perfect light, but nice nevertheless to be out and about on this late summer evening.

My intention was to walk to a place I know I can pitch my tarp, about 1.5 hours away from my doorstep.
It`s a nice grassy meadow which offers a nice view over the Askøy bridge.

The late start and the coming of autumn meant that daylight was fading fast and by the time I had pitched my tarp and made a cup of hot cocoa, it was quite dark.

Sleep came easily but I was awoken around 01.30 am by a stray dog running around close to my tarp, bringing forth mental images of the Hound of Baskerville.. It disappeared before I had the chance to investigate if it had a name tag. Hopefully it returned to its owner. The rest of the night went by peacefully, and, going by my results so far, I have to give two thumbs up to my new Thermarest Neoair Xtherm. It really is quite comfortable :)

The next morning, after a quick coffe and breakfast, I jogged to the nearest bus-stop and joined the "world" again.  I have to say this particular trip ranks very highly on my top-ten list, as far as commuting goes :)


  1. What a fantastic way to commute!

    20mm is on my list. So is an Xtherm. Jesus, are you sure we're not twins or something?!

  2. It's a very nice lens, which has a given place in any m43 kit. Sounds like a nice commute too. I should try to do something like that, since it seems I currently don't have time to do any longer trips.

  3. And the 20 mm is on list as well, nice tarp and I am also interested in the Xtherm. All I really need is to find locations with stunning views in my area.

  4. great minds think alike :)

  5. longer trips are out of the question in the forseeable future, so I will make do with short overnighters. It`s just good to get out there :)

  6. guess we have more hills here in Norway, as opposed to Denmark. We can`t match your beaches though :)

  7. We should do an overnighter together soon (before the clocks change?) with as much matching gear as possible! I think it would be aesthetically pleasing to see twin SpinnTwinns, two Fargos and a couple of Gorucks all lined up.

  8. Cool plan! Will DM. Maybe we can hire Jan Thomas to make sure we look good on photos :)

  9. A fine lens, a must-have for any Panasonic m43 camera owner in my opinion. Fine photos, too!

    The XTherm is superb. I didn't like the NeoAir, but the XTherm is very good indeed.