Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dr. Livingstone, I presume

I thought I was alone.

Many years ago I first dipped my toes into the delicious pool of lightweight backpacking.
I was a student on a low budget and tried various inexpensive ways of shedding packweight. My peers thought I was a weirdo and I gradually let go of most of my lightweight principles. Until last year.
Somehow I stumbled upon some interesting websites, and imagine my delight when I discovered that there were indeed more scandinavians "doing the light-thing" aka the Nordic Lightpacking guys (no gals yet?). I have since been a avid follower of HendrikNielsen BrownJörgenMarkDaveGustavThomas and many more. And then there is Joe. Heck, we even live in the same town (beautiful Bergen on the westcoast of Norway).

For some time I have been lurking in the shadows, just reading what this fellow was up to. I guess any familyman can attest to there not being enough hours in a day to cover everything you wish to do."Life is a box full of compromises, you never know which way you really want to go". (slightly adapted Forrest Gump citation). My focus was work and family.

Until today.

Today we finally got to meet in person and go for a walk in our backyard. We decided on a walk across the mountain platou near our homecity, Over Vidden

More photos

And a fine walk it was. Up in the mountains there is winter, down in the city it is almost springlike. It was good to finally be in the right place at the right time. Joe was excellent company and it is clear that we share many of the same values. Looking forward to sharing more trips with him in the future.

Hooray! I`m not alone!


  1. You're not alone Odd!

    It was good to meet you today. Looking forward to organising some trips together in the future.

  2. Hopefully we can find a way to meet up in the coming months, in, as you say, Beautiful Bergen, which is just a flight away from many places in Scandinavia. 

  3. Hei Odd, looking forward to meeting you in the future. Fun to read about meeting Joe; he´s a great guy

  4. 2012 will be the year of the red rubber duckies of Bergen :)

  5. that would be a great plan. I might have my hands full though in the coming months as we are expecting a little one in march.. guess most of my overnight trip rights will be revoked for a while :)

  6. if the stars align we might just meet next weekend :)